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My blower only works in high speed. If the headlights are on auto and it is nighttime, the headlights work with the blower switch in off or high and go out whenever the switch is in any of the four low speeds. Previously, this problem was intermittent and I was only missing the lowest speed. Replacing the blower resistor pack repaired the problem, but the intermittent loss of all four low speeds soon became permanent. On a hunch, I replaced the DRL (daytime running lamp) contoller, but no luck. Ouch - $100.

Any ideas or where I can get access to good electrical diagrams?

1997 Pontiac Grand Prix
3.6l V6 (no turbo)

posted by  Al M

I read your question and I have the same problem with the same car. Have you been able to find a solution to this problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

posted by  elkram78

[hope it's not too expensive to fix!!!

posted by  judymattox

GM know this is a common problem,and probably have a TSB for it.if you want a proper schematic,get it from a pontiac dealer.the chilton etc. are mostly reprints.when the resistor went open it damaged another circuit,probably a PCM that controls more than one circuit.those are those nice box things that are 500 dollars or so.

posted by  the lobster

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