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gday guys,
after leaving my beemer undriven and unstarted for a few weeks i've come back to it and it got a whole new problem...it wont idle...

engine starts and runs fine but if i put the clutch in to long or lets the revs down to low it will stall...

i can still drive the car, but constant heal toe makes it hard in city traffic.

any ideas.
Thanks in advance.

ps it a 1982 318i...

posted by  hoges

Hold the clutch in give it a few revs and let it warm up. :thumbs:

posted by  Holden Fanatic

the strange thing is it actually will idle when cold....once it gets warm is when the problem starts....

posted by  hoges

sound like a temp censor sending wrong info. coolantv temp sensor is the best bet. i had a similar problem and this solved it.

posted by  tommy50

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