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My Radiator fan don't start when i start the car, and the temperature is goes up above normal even though im not running my car on hwy, plus my "check engine" light is also turning ON & OFF constantly.

BUT my radiator fan does turn on if i turn on the Heat/AC button, and then temperature stays normal but the "check engine" light still turn ON & OFF constantly.

i do not know if radiator fan suppose to start running when i start the engine or not.

other info:

1) radiator coolent level ok but leaking very small from pipe that goes to coolent reservior.
2) week b4 i added engine oil and now its 75%
3) i added some fuel injection system cleaning (motormaster some thing)agent in my gas tank when my gas tank was 80%, week ago
4) its Pontiac SunBird LE 93

i bought this car 10 days ago not know anything about it, "check engine" light started comming on after 1 day, i put that cleaning agent, and engine started heated after 1-2 days.

Thanks for your help

posted by  user78228

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