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My Accent has a transmission problem, which every time I take it to be worked on no one can find the problem. It is does not repeat itself, first it gets stuck in first, then after you disconnect the battery it will act fine for a while then you will come to a stop light and you can feel that it didn't shift back into first. Then I have only second and drive, without overdive. Disconect the battery and some time it will be ok or not. Let it sit overnight and everything is fine, everything works. I have taken it to the dealership, towed it to the dealership by the time they look at it everything ok. It acts like the longer or the hotter it gets it will act up more, but once it cools down everything is ok. The bad part is it may go a month or so before it acts up. The car has 108,000 miles the fluid and filter has been changed 4 times, so p.m. shouldn't be a problem. Any suggestions??????

posted by  Otis

There could be 2 reasons

1:Your trans is stuffed
2:Maybe you need a new battery

posted by  Holden Fanatic

Hi, when your tans acts up does the check engine light come on ? If so it should set a code,should read the code Before you unhook the battery, if you get a code you can find the meaning of the codes at hyundai parts .com look under tech imfo. Good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

I Have a 1995 Accent with the same problems. Does anyone know what this could be? Also is there a big difference between Hyundai transmission oil and regular Dextron?

posted by  festerj

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