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Hi! I am going to warn you, I need very basic discussion about this problem, I know very little about cars. I don't even know where the clutch fluid in my car is kept, which I think is fairly essential in solving my problem. The problem is that sometimes my standard 4X4 tracker won't go into first gear. Sometimes it just sticks, but lately it won't go in at all. 2nd and 4th gear and reverse are not that bad, but 3rd and 5th gear stick also. I am pretty frusterated because two days ago I needed to have a new altinator put in and now I cannot even get my car in gear. I don't hink these two events have anything to do with each other, but I don't know. I would really appreciate any help from a very patient person (anyone else might not want to deal with me :wink2: ). Thanks!

posted by  melissa

Hi,my name is ray, i might have some information that can help, at least i hope it will. Any way there could be at least 3 things i can think of, 1. is that if your car doesnt seem to how can i say this uhh. "pick up" untill the cluch pedal is "up high" like near it sits when your foot is not on it, it means you need a clutch. 2.is that on a standard there is i wanna call them "shifting rods" they go from the shifter to the transmission, you said your truck was a 5 speed that means there should be 3 rods the long 1 is 1+2 the middle one is 3+4 and the last one also the shortest it 5+reverse now please dont take this the wrong way im not trying to make you feel bad but some people shift for lack of a better word "wrong" and the rods get bent now when these rods get bent it doesnt reach the place it needs to go to get into the gear you need. 3. if your truck has a "tow package" on it go under the hood and there is i wanna say it looks like a T or its like a loop, but its RED that is the transmission "dipstick" pull that out and "snif" it if it smells like burnt marshmellows it means the transmission might be burnt out and abused. once again im not trying to single you out these things happen. i hope this helps some what. good luck :thumbs:

posted by  Saturn_Owner93

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