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have a 2001 Checy Cavalier 2.2L with 48,600 miles on it. Nothing but problems. Last Friday at 31 MPH the car died on me so I put it in neutral and started it up again but the traction light stayed on. I pulled to the side of the road and shut the car off. I started it up again and the light was off but when I put it in gear the Trans slammed into gear really hard. So I shut it off and it did it again after restarting the car. When I started to drive away the trans would not change gears. After about 30 seconds of driving the trans jumped and it went back to normal. I took it to a trans shop and the ran the code and it came back as PO122 a TPS sensor. A few months ago my dash started acting up as well where some lights wouldnt work and you cannot read the odemeter. I also have a code of PO440 EVAP system failure for a few months as well. I keep turning that light off but I guess my question is,the trans shop said it is an electrical problem that could also be possibly causing the dash problem but would a TPS problem causer all of these problems or what. I just have absolutly no clue where to go from here. Please help me if anyone has any ideas. The trans shop also said that all the sensors are wired to where if the TPS isnt workign right it will not allow the trans to shift gears. Does this make sense or is there something in the electrical that I am missing? The dash is whats really getting me now. Last night my check engine light came on and after I shut off the light all my guages stopped working and all my warning lights came on...I disconnected the battery to reset the warning lights but my odometer and the light still do not work...Thank you and please let me know if anyone has any ideas. Thank you again. My email is twstr988@aol.com

posted by  twstr988

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