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Ok, before i ask this let me give you a bit of background. I know nothing about cars whatsoever, mainly because i'm only 15 and its still a year till i get my license. that having been said, hello everybody, i'm sam and i build drums. i will so be trying my first gloss finish (with lacquer) and at the the end of the finishing process i will have to polish and wax. here in lies my problem in that i don't have a buffer and am not planning on buying one. So my question is this:

What would be good polishing compound, polish and wax that will leave a kickass shine, that don't require an orbital buffer or much experience and can be easily purchased for not that much (hopefully at advance auto parts).

I know this a lot to wax and btw i'm not asking for all this in one product, but any help would be much appreciate. thanks a lot,

posted by  moosryan

Nothing shines better than spit.
Just reach back deep in your throat and spit all over your car. And in the winter, when you get sick and your spit mixes with mucus and gets green, it shines even better.

But if you aren't hydrated enough to spit, the easiest wax is one of those "wax as you wash" cleaning agents. They make a good shine.

The best waxes that give the best shines for the longest are "usually" the hardest ones to apply.

Zaino Z-2 Show Car Polish is really good. $12.95

posted by  What

hate to be nag, but any other input? has anyone tried turtle wax 2001 polish? they claim you don't have to buff that...

posted by  moosryan

please, this drum is going to need to be polished soon and the customer is waiting. i'm not trying to be a jerk, its just that you guys know way more than me...thanks, sam.

posted by  moosryan

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