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hi all, i have a 2001 corolla and when i step on the gas the car won't move. last time when i took my car to a mechanic (at that time it was still moving smoothly) they say that gas was running lean and didn't know what the problem was.

my car can still start and when it is in neutral, everything seems normal. when i put it is D gear it will move but when i give gas to it, the rpm meter will move slightly and will drop back down. need help and advice thank you!!

posted by  fatling

try checking your throttle positioning sensor, I don't know how it is on this particular vehicle, but usually they put out something like .5 volts when fully released and go up to I believe 8.0 volts at full throttle. It should climb stedally in between, a book will tell you exactly how to do it.

posted by  fido

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