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looking for help changed all inline fuel filters truck runs for a little while then shuts off .let set for a while starts again then stalls short time after.is this problem a fuel pump or is there another filter that i am missing? and is fuel filter or fuel pump inside gas tank please help,old time back yard mechanic.

posted by  harry

Hi, would say do a fuel pressure test on it , also check your fuel relay ,on most fords its on the left fender well (some are green an black) have seen them to heat up and shut off, when you turn on key it runs the pump for about 3 seconds and then it and the oil pressure switch keeps the fuel pump running , good luck Slim :banghead:

posted by  Slimone

harry, I have an 88 that did the same thing...I finlley traced it to the fule pump realy. the wire's going into the female plug from the wire harness were loose and would'nt push onto the termanls on the relay good and vibrate loose in a few miles to a week later.I used hotglue to put them back in place. It has been 3 years since and stil holding.maybe this will help

posted by  wawakil

thanks for your help relay was the problem

posted by  harry

thanks for your help it was the relay

posted by  harry

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