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I heard that the legend speed sensor sometimes goes bad... i wondered about that before i read that.. Cause 70 feels like 55...... just a question.

posted by  beemerguy

Normally (99% of the time) when your speed sensor goes bad your speedometer goes crazy or quits, not reads steadily high. Also it will usually cause your ABS light to illuminate.

First question is are your tires the same outside diameter as original? If not that will cause a speedo error, smaller OD will make it read high, but that's alot. Most likely it's just the way the car feels. They're so well isolated they seem slow cruising down the road. Maybe it's a combination of both.

posted by  vwhobo

thank u. its prolly in my head... but im checkin it with a radar tonight so ill let u know.

posted by  beemerguy

best way to check it is with a hand held GPS

posted by  57ock

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