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Ok. I have a 1991 eagle 2000 gtx. The thing works perfect. Or at least it used to. When I start the car it runs perfectly. However. Once the car warms up it begins to blow blue smoke from the exhaust. I am assuming the valve seals are worn out. But shouldn't I get blue smoke right away if the valve seals are worn? I was also told that a bad pcv valve could cause this problem. Is there any truth to that?
BTW. It takes about 5 minutes to remove the valve pan cover. So I can easily see the valve seals. Is there any way to tell if your seals are shot by looking?

posted by  eaglegtx

Hi, Just looking at a seal on your motor you realy can't tell ,Most of the time they get hard and break apart or they just ware out in the center where it touchs the valve, Have never seen a motor to smoke from PCV ,maybe have blow by and smoke under the hood but not out of the ex . pipe, if you only get the smoke bad when you first start replace valve guide seals, that should help unless the guides are shot also, Good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

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