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Hi to all. I have a 91 merc.tracer when it was parked last november it worked fine around feburay I went to drive it and batt was dead. charged batt and tryed agian starter stuck ingauged pulled batt cable it quit I put cable back on and nothing from starter.I let it sit. a coupla weeks ago I went to start driveing it full time( I wanted to anyway ) and no starter :banghead: I have pulled it it is good tryed key switch it works fine,trouble codes say 67 air cond. on during test??? the air is empty! outher than that the codes are 11 all good :cussing: when ya turn switch all lights come on and go off like thay should. no bad fuse or links. jumped the starter and it cranked fine.But the fule cutoff light stays on while running and pump is working.also the ac light stays on ???no freon in sys. any idea's or a math would be a bigg help
thank's wawa

posted by  wawakil

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