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I have a 1990 Chev. Lumina Euro 3.1L with an intermitent fuel problem. The biggest part of the problem is that it is intermittent. Do sensors or modules go bad over time or all at once. Every now and then when I start the car it is hard to start and when it does start as soon as I give it gas it dies. Occasionally, it will happen when I'm on the freeway and driving 60MPH and then it sputters and dies, sometimes it catches and then goes fine, and others I have to get off the road and shut the motor off and wait it out. Eventually, when it starts it will run properly and not die, then I can drive 100 miles after that problem free. Sometimes it is an immediate problem again and sometimes not. I cleaned the injectors, replaced the fuel filter, replaced the fuel pump and add a prong that Chevrolet suggested to my mechanic. I can happen when the engine is warm or when it it's cold from sitting all night. HELP! What else can I look at.

posted by  olddude

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