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New to this so please bare with me!! I have a 93 Jeep Cherokee Sport we bought second hand. Had it 2 years has run great. Recently it wouldn't start and my husband replaced the coil. It ran for a week and now won't start again. He is determined to fix it himself but doesn't know quite where to go next. Is the porcelain voltage regulator?
not working so the coil is getting burnt out, could it be the ecm or he said something about the crank? I should let you know the times it died and wouldn't start I had been running it close to empty! Already caught **** for that!!
Could it be something related to the fuel or more likely the coil issue?? Any information would be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks for looking!

posted by  creamersquared

jeep run hot so a towed it home on the way the alarm came on started flashing lights got home turned off switch stayed flash ing so took batt loose now it starts and go dead like its not getting fuel ceched fuel getting fuel

posted by  loy windham

Well that's a bummer. But do this; start a new thread on your bummer of a problem, and try to make sense.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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