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my engine(chevy 305) is blown and i am braking down and getting a new engine. my family "thinks" it is the best thing to do... and i'm not paying for it so whatever. my dilema is that i dont want them to spend that much money on me. so i figure i'll just get a base 350 Gm power Crate engine(3500) and put that in. the transmission is fine, to my knowledge, so i figure maybe i can just use that transmission with the 350 engine. the orginal tranny is a 305, and the new engine is a 350. the car is a 1978 Chevy Caprice Classic. mint condition and only 61,000 miles. i would like a stick tranny with the new engine but it would be to expensive and elimnate the whole front bench seat purpose. the car is perfect and it has been handed down from a great aunt- to my uncle- to me. so i mean i understand why they dont wnat to get rid of it. so any help. 305 tranny in(on) a 350 engine

posted by  ctp_mechanix

Hi , the trans is the same ,but I would say at least have it serviced , now if you are installing a 350 engine you will need to replace the starter as well or use the 305 flywheel they are smaller then the 350 flywheel,now you may have to change the ex. manifolds also if the 305 had the 7 bolt ones on it. they tend to leak when you use them on a 350 heads . have fun Slim

posted by  Slimone

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