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Everytime I drive on the freeway past 70MPH I can hear wind blowing in my car somewhere.. It could possibly be coming from the doors if so, what can I do to fix this? (by the way, its not a slight blow that I hear, its pretty loud as I go faster).

'02 (AM) 4door Lancer ES

posted by  Ki2AY

The easiest and cheapest cure for your dillema is to never again exceed 65 mph. Next!

posted by  vwhobo

yes thank, next!

posted by  Ki2AY

if its one of the doors go to the back of the car and look down the sides, u should be able to tell...if it is the door you may be able to bend it back your self by pushing in on the top and pulling out on the bottom, or vise versa if the bottom of the door is not flush with the car, if that doesnt work take it into a shop and they can bend it back for ya easy...our car had that problem for a bit when my bro's wife backed into the car when my mom parked it infront of her drive at night :banghead: , it didnt leave a mark anywhere but offset the door and we could not tell til we got to teh 60s or higher and then checked for ourselves, if that is not the problem then one of the rubber things that seal the door with the car might have torn off or something, if not then i dont know

posted by  Magicbirdman

yah i get the same problem when im doing 85mph+ in the astro, sounds like its comin from both front doors. Also it starts to shake at 100mph, im thinking it needs alignment??.

posted by  speedy266

Thx magicbirdman.. Ill have to check it out myself….

Speedy, most likely it could be your allightment..

posted by  Ki2AY

if the wind noise is coming from the bottom of the door, your on your own. if the wind noise is coming grom the top of the door i think i have a solution: i think the problem might be coming from the rubber tubing that absorbs the shock when you close the door (forgive me for my lack of technical terms). the wind might be getting in from there because the glue that seals it my be deteriorating. to check if this is the problem you can use one of those steam vacumms that blows steam through the little nozzle by taking it and running along the lingnig of the door. if you dont have one of these steamer things than you can use a simple strip of construction paper and run it along the lining of the door. what you are looking for is a section of the lining that the paper can go through if you do find a section where it goes through than thats probably where the wind is getting in through. to put an end to this there is a certain kind of clay or glue that you can plug it up with, the name of it isnt coming to me.

posted by  High Octane

100 in a freaking astro?

posted by  DodgeRida67

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