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Hi there, again I am a newbie here, and hopefullly, you all can give me an idea to what may be wrong with my junker, lol. I have a 92 olds cutlass supreme...recently its been making some odd noises....none I can really explain, just doesn't sound like it used to. Anyway after getting it home yesterday and trying to go to the store a bit later it won't start. It has power, but not even attempting to catch and go....I hear a clicking noise under my dash of all places and have traced that to a fuse box of sorts, but pulling out the fuses and all to check them didn't do much good. Under the hood all wires and hoses seem to be in order, but still now running car. When this happened before all I had to do was wiggle a wire and I was home free, this time I am lost and ready to :banghead: , any help would be appreciated.

posted by  Trinity

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