exaust rattle, maybe worse :(!!!

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okay, I have a standard exaust in my lil 92 excel, but Ive given that car to my mum to use nowadays. Within 1 month, i got in it to drive it in the garage, and there is what sounds like a mean hole in the exaust, it sounds REALLY tinny, and theres something rattling, and its way louder than it should be and it sounds all wrong.

So yeah my first guess is the exaust got a nice hole put in it. My second worry is that when i last was in the car with her a week ago, she wasnt pressing the clutch down enough, hitting every gear as she changed. As I drove it through the garage the transmission didnt feel off at all tho.

Any ideas if its something other than the exaust?

posted by  Bleaaargh

I did some poking around, one of the timing belts i think has worn off. the lot fell off yesterday. sux balls.

posted by  Bleaaargh

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