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Hi guys...I'm back with yet another issue with the money pit!
We recently have been through a "rash" of expenses on the money pit. The latest is that we now have the only 77 Corvette that we can find with a 3 yr 50m mile warranty!! (too detailed to explain)
My problem is this. We had a radiator leak and discovered that it was probably cheaper to replace it than it was to try and keep "chasing" leaks. We did that with a brand new radiator and we also replaced the hoses as well. Problem is that even after allowing for air pockets to get out of the radiator, we still find it moderately low about every two or three days. There are no visible leaks anywhere..It's almost as if fluid is just disappearing on us. What's up with that? Everyone who looks at it can't seem to find a leak. What's going on?

posted by  Debra

Is it an actual chevy radiator? If so, I have heard of problems with the radiator caps not sealing correctly and leaking vapor a little at a time. Other than that I couldn't see how liquid is dissapearing without a leak somewhere.

posted by  lpb81

Have you had any luck with this yet?

I have a '76, and had a simimlar problem, but my over flow tank kept getting
fuller, and fuller. I replaced the rad. cap, and nothing changed. Then I took
a look at the overflow tank, the hose inside turned out to be too long and
curled upward, above the coolant level in the tank.
When the system got hot it would run into the tank, then when it cooled off, and should have sucked coolant back to the rad., it sucked up air instead.....
I simply cut the hose shorter, about 1/2 inch from the bottom of the tank...
It seems to be fine now...........

Hope this helps...

posted by  Wildman-Dan

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