OMG! I just drove with my handbrake on!

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Hey guys,

OMG!! I forgot to release the handbrake and started driving =( (yeah I know, I'm stupid) No wonder the car was so sluggish! Luckily, I only drove about 400m though and I was going under 50Km/hr. Would I have done any damage or worn out the brake excessively?? It's a camry.

Any comments would be appreciated.

posted by  VolvoDriver

So.....your name doesn't reflect the car then lol....chances are everything's fine, you didn't drive far enough to do any damage. Then Handbrake obviously wasn't on very hard to be able to move (that or it's a crap handbrake) Oh.....and an intro of yourself would have been nice too.

BTW, I'm assuming you mean metres when you abreviate with 'm'.....just hope you dont mean miles lol :ohcrap:

posted by  Cliffy

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