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i have a 93 pontiac grand am.. it is overheating very quickly, i am not leaking any fluid, no smoke from the tail pipe. but when i turn on the heat to maybe help release heat from the engine all that comes out is cold to luke warm air.. now i have been told its either one of three things. blown head gasket, water pump, or thermostat.. can some one help me..

P.s. i was told to prolong the car till i can get a new one or pay for the repairs to put sealant in the radiator if its a headgaskett.

posted by  musmandj

If you check the motor oil does it have any water in it?Does the antifreeze have an oily film?If there isnt doubt it would be a blown head gasket(but still slim chance)I woudl get a new thermostat first if its stuck closed that would cause over heating and no heat in the car as the water cant make the complete cycle threw the cooling system.

posted by  fiestaguy

Okay genius, I've asked this question of other alleged mechanics in this forum and I guess it's time to do it again. How exactly is a "stuck closed" thermostat going to stop you from having heat? Before you answer the question remember that the heater core uses coolant that bypasses the thermostat so the interior begins to heat up before the engine is entirely warmed up. Also remember that the thermostat only regulates coolant flow through the radiator.

Now I'll ask it again. How exactly is the thermostat going to stop you from having heat? Your answer is very important.

posted by  vwhobo

hi, Sorry to ask you this here , which of the VW's in your pictures is yours? hey how about a water pump? have a good one Slim

posted by  Slimone

None. I generally don't take pictures of my cars or allow them to be taken. For the reason use the search function. That being said, more than once one of my cars has been used in my signature block. Anonymously of course.

The pics I'm using now are from the North vs South Shootout XII two weeks ago at Darlington International Dragway. The first pic is of the Pro Stock final, Alan Fore (flames) and Ollie Frey (far lane, winner). The second one is Todd Howard (new Pro Stock car, absolutely bitchin' paint job, pictures don't do it justice). Last but not least is Ken Fisher in the Spirit I funny car (7.27@180.60 1/4, 4.69@152.54 1/8).

posted by  vwhobo

It is my very un-educated guess that you have, either no or very low coolant or a bad water pump. :2cents:

posted by  lectroid

Those are good "un-educated" guesses. That's about all it could be. I don't know how the water pump is driven on those cars, maybe someone could tell me.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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