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hi any help please.....have an 85 mustang 5.0 4v.........had a dead battery....i thought....replaced it ....car would not turn over......replaced solenoid.....same thing no turn over.....can short the solenoid and make the starter turn but no start ...additionally....when the batt is connected i can hear the elec fuel pump at the gas tank running and must disconnect batt to stop the fuel pump....regardless of the key position....any suggestions.......Thank you

posted by  mikeo

Hi. did it work before you changed the battery and solenoid? now I mean before the battery went dead. if It did you have the wires mixed up at the solenoid, or have a bad connection. Have you checked your neutral safety switch? Good luck Slim

posted by  Slimone

Sounds like an ignition lock cylinder or possibly the rod that runs from the lock cylinder to the ignition switch itself.

posted by  Sick88Tbird

Hi: I'm new here, but if you have an 85 with a 4v then you should have a mech fuel pump, unless someone changed it or it is CFI. I am the original owner of an 85 5.0 coupe that I had to special order. Anyway does the engine turn over or is it just dead when you turn the key? If you replaced the solinoid and it still wont turn over make sure the car is in neutral or park and jump the two post on the solinoid with a screwdriver and see if that works, if it does then you have a bad solinoid if it doesn't then the starter is bad. hope this helps.

posted by  vista_0

From the sounds of it you may need to replace the starter... I'd go with that first, and if that does not help make sure you do not have a faulty solenoid like vista said. Also vista, mikeo could easily have had the mechanical fuel pump replaced with an electric one, and if he says he has electric, then I'd assume he knows, otherwise hopefully he would not say. No need to try and make someone feel stupid.

posted by  Flame Roller

Sorry, wasn't trying to make anyone feel stupid, just thought that some other sound could have been mistaken for an elec. fuel pump.

posted by  vista_0

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