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Hi Guys,

We have a Rover 216 GTi (J Reg - 1991 or 1992) and we have just replaced the distributor cap due to problems starting the car and everything worked fine.

We then put the old distributor cap back on to make sure this was the problem.

During the swapping around our HT leads have got mixed up.

Does anyone know where i can find the correct order for these leads? We have a Haynes manual but cant find it anywhere in that either.

Thanks, Steve.

posted by  steveb

a m8 wot u gotta do is get the firing order (1-4-3-2)
so get urself a nice big rachet or spanner (varied sizes)
1st take all ur spark plugs out, then take off ur dizzi cap and look which way the rotor arm goes (direction arrow indicates) realy itll b good if u av a m8 with u it makes it easier. now take ur rachet or spanner and rotate ur crank shaft untill the first piston(nearist to the dizzi) is at the top( using a screwdriver) now look at ur rotor arm does it line up with a point in ur dizzi cap (it should av it marked 1 ) so follow it in the dierction the arrow points an u should av it sorted.

posted by  olibtech

:stupid: :tomato:

I'm sure he aint comin' bac m8!

posted by  Cliffy

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