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Hello! I hope someone can help me figure out what is wrong with my wagon. I have a 2000 Saturn LW2 wagon that won't crank. It won't even make any clicking noises or anything when we turn the key. Here's what happened: My husband and I went to a flea market yesterday -- he went in, but I stayed in the car. I left the car running just long enough to let the windows down (they're electric) and then turned it off. When he came back out 40 minutes later, the car wouldn't start. Wouldn't make any noise of any kind. Called our auto club for help and they sent a tow truck to jump us -- tow truck couldn't get it to start either so we had the wagon towed home. Husband went out yesterday afternoon and managed to get the windows back up. He said when he turned the key to the "ACC" position, the windows and radio came on & he could get the windows up but when he turned the key further (like you'd do to start the car), it was like everything died. He's checked the battery & battery cables and they all seem fine. Does anyone have any ideas on what could be wrong and how to fix it?? Thanks! :banghead:

posted by  Martha G.

Don't know if this will be any help or not, but the wagon has nearly 131,000 miles on it and the security system doesn't work most of the time. We've given up locking the doors with the button on the keyring since half the time it won't lock or else it'll lock and then not unlock the doors without the alarm going off.

posted by  Martha G.

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