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Hi guys ,

da names SNiPeRViRuS,

ne wayz,

i am a complete noob at this car stuff. but i love cars and am obsesed with like normal cars. but then i heard about hot rodding and kit cars. so my question is that what is hot rodding and what is a kit car?

which one is easier for a noob to do and with a budget of a maximum of 40k. im only 24 so i dont have that much dough. please any info is very helpful.

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

If you're 24, why do you have the apparent automotive knowledge and certainly the syntax of a 12 year old? It sounds to me like there's a bullsh*tter in this thread... and it's not me. :doh:

posted by  vwhobo

if u dont want to reply then leave other people can help me.

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

Hey, DiLdO BoY. It's been 24 hours and... nobody else has even acknowledged your existence, so you're stuck with me. Now are you going to answer my question or not?

posted by  vwhobo

well u made it clear that u dont care about it. but u are right. i am really 13 years old. i came here because i want to learn about cars so when i can afford one i know what im doing. also im not like the dickheads who wait until highschool to start saving for a car. i have bonds shit like that invested so i can afford a pretty good car. i wanted help because i like cars and want to learn more about them. i also want a car that i can customize, like u know i buy a car thats cheap and looks cool and maybe switch the engine and make it look cool. thats all i wanted. i also wanted to be respected and i know very well that most of u dont respect kids like me.

happy now? i answered ur question now help me with mine.

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

Definition of a Kit Car:
kit car: A kit-car is an automobile that is available in kit form, i.e. you buy it in parts that you have to assemble it yourself

Definition of "hotrodding":
hotrodding: modifying a car to increase its speed and acceleration

"Hotrodding" or "modifying" a car would be easier since the car is already built for you.

You're asking the wrong questions...

posted by  What

You gain respect by being ethical, moral and honest. But on your very first post you came here and lied... Lies that were so obvious they jumped off the screen. It's not like I have never helped teenagers learn about cars, I do it every day. Just ask my son and his friends.

Now my suggestion to you is to get a fresh start. Go to the appropriate forum and introduce yourself and then come back here and ask a real question. You just might be surpised at the response.

posted by  vwhobo

i apologize for the dishonesty i showed on my first post. since i am new im not sure where i should go to post these questions. thank you guys for being accepting.

posted by  SNiPeRViRuS

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