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Just got my Infiniti FX35 3 days ago, black color. I was asked to bring it to the dealership this morning to get an inspection sticker (MA). When I first got my car I asked not to put front license plate when I found out they had to drill two holes in the front bumper, but this morning I was told that it is a state law and they wouldn’t be able to give me sticker without it, nothing else I could do. 20 min later when they brought the car out I checked how it looks and noticed that they placed license plate way off center, on the right hand side of the bumper. I showed it to the service guy, he took the car back than returned and said that they damaged my bumper and will have to get a new one tomorrow, paint it and install on my car.
I am really pissed :cussing: . Now I’m worried that color is not going to match. From what I can tell they have this car since Feb.
Should I be worried about it, do you think anything I can or should do?
Thanks you.

posted by  fx35

seems like wherever you got the car from are total idiots... you should file a complaint..

posted by  Ki2AY

Nissan/Infiniti's are bad bad bad, they dont know how to handle customers problems properly, plus with all there new models, none of the mechanics are experienced with the new designs. They almost went bankarupt, they dont want that happening again so they are making there money through service and parts. OEM oil filter from them costs $15! They charge like $45 for an oil change and there using conventional oil. Oh and if u want a top up of washer fluid they charge you for a whole bottle when the resovoir doesnt even take half. If you check out u should see the variety of problems wit the new altimas.

posted by  speedy266

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