89 Olds Toronado 3.8L won't stay running

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Hello. I have an 89 olds toronado 3.8L. For some reason the car will just die. Like while I am on the interstate doing 75, it will just die. Sometimes, if I catch it quick enough, I can stomp the gas alot and the engine light will go off and it will keep going. But sometimes, when it dies, it won't start for a half a day or so. I had the fuel filter replaced last week. Took it to a mechanic and they ran a diagnostic on it but showed nothing. How do I go about diagnosing this problem. I have 2 small children and we are tired of being brought home by the highway patrol. Money don't grow on trees ya know?! PLease help! :banghead:

posted by  rubymae77

Thank you for that. I think I may have found the problem. The wiring attached to the control module (ignition module) are very loose. When the car won't start, if I push on those, the car will start. And giving the geographical location I reside in, I rather doubt that I will find a shop that I trust to work on my car. I think I'll spend the money for the book. If I have any more Q's, I will let you know. Thanks again.

posted by  rubymae77

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