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I have a 1989 Nissan Pathfinder that I am having a major problem with or it may be the garage, I am not sure yet. I know nothing about cars, so if i say something stupid let me know :laughing: Ok 2 weeks ago it started missing, like sometimes it sounded fine and sometimes it would miss really bad, there was white smoke coming from the pipe in the back, and sometimes black smoke. I was told to have the plugs and wires, rotary button, and coil changed, I also had new filters put on everything also the gas filter. I got it back and in no time it was worse. It started going dead on me and the missing returned full force, like it had never been worked on. Before I could take it backto the garage it would start sometimes and smell bad like gas and I would go in somewhere and when I got back out to it it wouldnt start, like it needed to cool down or something before it started and then when it did it sputtered really bad and missed and ran really loud and rough. Then I got it home and it wouldnt start again. So I had it towed and the garage has had it for a whole week saying they are stumped. They tested it with some machine and said it needed a oxygen temp regulator?? Said it had to do with the fuel and that this part would fix it, they put this part on this morning and told me it is still not working! I have not had a car all week and if anyone has any idea or needs me to explain better please do so. Thanks Rachel

posted by  little_lady

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