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hello every1,

I'm trying to find info on how to get started on a restoration of my 1991 B-2200. But I only find restoration of rally old cars and classics. I have a 1991 B-2200 manual, with 102K miles. This P-up was a gift from my dad when i got into college. now its sitting in my garage for about 2 years. It is running an starts really nice but I want to give it back to my dad in appreciation for all he has giving me, but in show conditions. I was thinkin on a complete make over, from bottoms up all the way. The interiors are in excellent conditions so no need to work there. for the motor I think it need to be over hauled or make a swap to an rotary engine (which I like a lot), the chassis needs to be inspected since i feel like body roll when I go into turns, and like it to be painted. Would like to have disk brake on the back. the body needs to be painted. Will like toyota's black color. Anyhow will like some advise and tips on how to start my weekend project. Where do I start first what to look for. I would not like the try and error thing would like it to be a very straight forward project. No matter the $$. I only like it to be perfect. Iknow i need proffesional assistance (painting, chroming, mechanical) dont mind that, 'cause i'm not htinking on making it all by myself, but need advise on what steps to take since is my first project on restoring.
This pk-up will be a keeper.

any suggestion, tips, help will be much appreciated.


will keep anyone interested posted on the progress.


posted by  mik00725

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