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we have a 96 Camaro RS (V6 3.8L automatic) that we bought used a couple years ago... overall great car but we have a few issues that need to get taken care of to get it road-worthy again now that we're in a state with strict inspections

needing to know how to replace speedometer (it doesn't register until going around 50-55 and then it only shows that we're going around 20)

also need to know how bright lights are supposed to function on this make - wasn't really a concern till now due to impending inspection... pulling back on the cruise control lever (as in other vehicles) does nothing, not even a click so what's the obvious answer that we're obviously missing?

our car repair/maintenance ability: novice, quick-learner, will do/learn as much as possible on our own to avoid outrages mechanic bill - esp. for lesser projects!!


posted by  Cam96RS

We ended up letting the mechanic handle these issues as we never did get the answers we were looking for - it was a pretty ambitious project anyway.

Come to find out, when this car was rebuilt (got rolled by the kid who owned it before us) whoever put it back together left a lot of loose connections and wires.. :doh: we had to have the whole dash replaced after it was all said and done!!

The dimmer switch assembly connection (as well as the steering column itself) just needed to be tightened up and the speedometer was not attached at all. $1200+ now we just need to replace the T-top seals, the door window actuators and a couple issues with the hatch. :thumbs:

posted by  Cam96RS

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