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Hi i am richard and i am in the uk i am having problems with my 1997 ford escort 1597 zetec engine. when i start it up when its warm ie if i stop at a supermarket or elsewhere, it revs up 1000 and back to 0 about 6 times before settleing at 950. it does not stall unless i have the lights or heaters on.

Please can someone advise me anything about this problem.

ps i have a couple of electrical problems the boot swith wont work and the heater was not working but a freind of mine has wired it up so it is constantly on 1 thinks it could be the fuse box. maybe this is something to do with the revving!?

posted by  rickydean

yeah the car does have the obd11 system on. the car has been hooked up to a computer and the computer cant find anything that it detects is faulty.

its manual petrol by the way


posted by  rickydean

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