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My brake lights are on and off during the course of a drive. Also sometimes when I come to a complete stop my brakes make a funny noise. Does this have anything to do with the cold or could it be something else? Can anyone suggest a good car repair service in Montreal?

posted by  liannajohnas

You say the lights are on and off during a drive? Does that means sometimes they work, some times they don't? Or does it mean they flicker on and off? The latter could be the ABS, what with the brakes making a funny noise too. Or it could be completely unrelated and the noise could be the brake pads worn down to the metal or very close to it.

posted by  Cliffy

Yeah, need more details, what does the funny noise sound like? is it a squeal? or kind of a vibrating rumble? Year make and model would help too.

Otherwise, here's a Google ( rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a) search for brake shops in Montreal.

posted by  Bubba

I am looking to interchange the rearend on my 96 grand am. Does anyone know what all will interchange. I have one from a 93 grand am found but want to know if it will fit.

72chevelle   31 Aug 2012 23:38

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