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i have a 93 tempo GL with one hell of a water leak and i have no clue where its comming from. ive checked all hoses, hose connections, draincock's and block plugs, and they are all dry and tight. when i get under the car, it seems to be leeking between the side mounted tranny and what i think is the transfer case. is there something im missing? cracked block maybe? someone help me out here! :banghead:

posted by  jma6788

well my AC went out a few months back, my brother did recently turn the AC on after a few months of it being off. yeah its just the water that i fill the radiator with, the coolent tank stays full....

posted by  jma6788

im pushin about 60 40 coolant to water, Az 113 degree heat isnt the best for a car, besides... i know what it is. my coolant/water was leaking from the tranny because i blew the adjacent freeze plug. which would explain why my tranny fluid went from deep red, to a clearish gray. had nothing to do with my busted ass AC, thanx anyway though!

posted by  jma6788

Newsflash for all wannabe mechanics. Your transmission DOES NOT HAVE A FREEZE PLUG THAT WOULD ALLOW COOLANT TO MIX WITH TRANSMISSION FLUID. I know this correct information may be hard to swallow, but... The only way to mix coolant and trans fluid is for the trans cooler INSIDE THE RADIATOR to be leaking. :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

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