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I have a 92' eagle talon, manual

whenever i go into 2nd gear while driving, it makes this chu noise where it soudn like someone farted,but after that, its just fine.

however, when im pass 2nd , everythings find, i wonder if 2nd ggear is jammed or soething.

anyone got an idea?

posted by  DrunkenMasterA

Does it always do this? At what speed do you shift into 2nd gear?

posted by  DodgeRida67

whenever i shift into 2nd gear , it make that noise, but when im done shifting to 2nd gear, the noise stops, everything else is normal. think maybe something's jammed?

posted by  DrunkenMasterA

when only shifting to 2nd gear, but when im done shifting to 2nd gear, the noise stops and everything else is the same. maybe somethings jammed, u think?

posted by  DrunkenMasterA

Alright. But you didn't answer my other question, at what speed do you shift into second gear?

posted by  DodgeRida67

it was around 25.........

posted by  DrunkenMasterA

:thumbs: try 15 from now on.

posted by  DodgeRida67

cause some of my friends say 20, and let me see if i shfit at 15, wat it do.

posted by  DrunkenMasterA

So uh, "wat it do"? :banghead:

posted by  vwhobo

chu? chooo chooo

posted by  windman

Maybe the synchro is worn out or something. My car has trouble shifting into 5th, it makes a short, bad scraping crunch noise...(yeah nice description eh). I think if the synchro is worn it would do that wouldn't it? Correct me if I am wrong...

posted by  Mathew

Can you say bad 2nd gear synchronizer.
Assuming you are smart enought to push the clutch all the way to the floor.

Life has presented an opportunity.

Learn how to double-clutch.

posted by  jcutsh

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