2000 CRV squeaking noise when taking sharp turn

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I have a 2000 Honda CRV.. It makes a lound noise (like whan a hughe truck applies brakes) when I make a sharp Left or right turn. It does not happen whan I am making ordinary turns. ALso it does not happen when driving in reverse. It will make this noise if I make a sharp turn, doesn't matter if I am applying brakes or stepping on the accelerator then. Can somebody please help??

posted by  farid786

:banghead: Need to change diffential fluid, some one put the wrong grade or type..The correct one is called Dual Pump Fluid, the car takes a little

over a quart of it. Serves the purpose of acting :banghead: :thumbs:

like a locking agent, similar to the viscous

differentials in the 1991-1997(?) Nissan Sentra SE


posted by  itsjulio

Why do we feel the ned to spew misinformation, Julio? First off you don't have nearly enough information to determine what the problem is with his vehicle. You don't even know if this CR-V is 2wd or 4wd but have assumed it to be 4wd. Secondly the "differential fluid" is, according to Honda anyway, Honda premeium ATF otherwise known as Dexron III. That as we all know is the most common type of ATF on the market.

posted by  vwhobo

It is true you havnt given enough info. But maybe we could ask you questions and you can provide answers. Is it possible to determine where the noise is coming from? The front or rear? left or right side? How many miles that thing got on it? Is it well maintained or a curb slamming beater. 2 or 4wd? Anything leaking anywhere? Do you have torn boots on your CV shafts? The location of the noise would be the most helpful, but sometimes that is the hardest thing to determine as the sound transfer in a car is incredible. Maybe you could have someone stand outside the car while you drive in tight circles. If you could answer some of these things maybe we could get you closer. Good luck with it, noises are hard to diagnois sometimes.

posted by  hi.alt.perform

did you ever find a solution to this problem as I too am experiencing this.

posted by  meadows

what are you getting, is it like a squealing noise? could just be the power steering belt slipping.

posted by  windsonian

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