1992 Pontiac Grand Am fuse trouble--?

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I have a 1992 Pontiac Grand Am 3.0L. During the hockey playoffs, I was honking my horn (I live in Calgary) and blew a fuse. My power locks and my cigarette lighter stopped working too, so I know it's the CLK-CIG fuse. I bought a couple 20 Amp fuses today, which I know are the right ones. I took out the blown fuse and put in a new one. Then I unlocked my doors to see if it was working, and it was. Then I tried to lock them, and it didn't work, so I took out the new fuse and saw that it had been blown too. So I put in ANOTHER new fuse -- but as soon as it made contact sparks started flying everywhere!!! What's happening? And no, I'm not dumb enough to have my car on while I'm doing all this.

Also -- is it okay to drive around with no fuse in the CLK-CIG opening? If I'm going to get electrocuted, I don't want to try putting another one in...


posted by  citygirl11

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