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I have an 1988 Delta 88 RB and the front passenger door will not close proplerly. When I close it and shuts and stays shut but there is a gap between the front and rear door. Also if i push on the door it will close all the way but when I release pressure it pushes away. What should I look at to fix it?
Also, there is a sticker on my bumper (chrome), are there any ways to remove it without damaging the chrome. It isnt just a regular bumper sticker, it's very thick and I tried peeling the corners off but had no luck.

Thank you.

posted by  pistolgripbmx

I had the same problem with my truck. The little bar that the door latches onto when you shut it should have a little plastic piece around the center post. If not, take some electrical tape around wrap about 15 layers around it and that should do the trick. if you have any more problems feel free to email me.

posted by  fordproblems89

There is a product called OOPS! in a metal can. A small can is about 5 bucks and a big can is about 8 bucks. It will remove any adhesive, some latex paints(house paint), crayon, etc... You can get it at ACE Hardware or Lowe's, Home Depot doesn't carry it.

posted by  MrShadowWalker

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