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OK, in all honesty I'm not sure if this goes here, but this seems to be the best forum I can find for this question. Here goes:

I'm getting my first car from my parents in a little under a year, and it needs superficial improvement. The engine and brakes are really well mainained by my dad, along with everything else that affects functionality. Anyways, it's a 1995 Ford Taurus Wagon, 120,000 miles, in Aqua Green/Blue. It has no C.D. player, and at the very least it needs to get new fabric, prefferably leather. So my question is two-fold:
1) How much would it cost to put a good paint job on it, install a new stereo/speaker system, and either put in new fabric or leather?
2) Should I bother putting these things in, or would it be better to save the money, sell the car and buy a new car altogether? The car itself works fine, but again, it needs some superficial fixing.

Anyways, thanks. I'm sorry if I posted this in the wrong forum, but this seems like the most logical board. If you need anymore information, tell me. Thanks again.

posted by  NJPitcher

hey if your comfortable driving a wagon then go for it and pimp it out!! if not sell the damn car and go find a better one.. i would suggest saving the money you are going to spend on speakers fabric etc.. and just work on future issues.. ask yourself, what if the engine breaks down or any other minor/major problems will u have money to fix it?
and if you really really want to get fabric sound system and paint.. i would suggest buying cloth instead of leather.. i dont think its worth putting leader seats on a 95 taurus it wouldnt look right.. (do it the cheap way, for a cheap car). as for sound systems.. buy a cheap cd player + 2 extra 6x9 speakers. that would do the trick!

posted by  Ki2AY

Hey, thanks for the quick response.

Anyways, I have about $3000 bar mitzvah money in the bank, Can make around $1000 in the next year, and then I have the taurus to do what I want. If I were to sell it, would I have enough to get a decent car? Anything past 1995 would be good. Again, sorry for my ignorance, but are there any common starter cars? I'd ask kids around my school, but all of them are either dealing with the car they inherit, or their parents are buying them audis, VWs and bmws. My parents definitely don't have the money for that. Any suggestions? Again, thanks for your patience, my questions are probably a little basic/ignorant. Thanks again.

posted by  NJPitcher

Nothing wrong with a Taurus wagon, although a new driver might want to have something a bit more stylish. There are quite a few options for $5000 or less, which if you have three thousand, and save one thousand, and sell the car you would have a bit over that I would think as the wagon could probably get you a grand or more easily if it is in decent condition. I assume so since you said your father regularly maintains it. Anyways I think I need a question answered before I can give you any suggestions for what sort of vehicle to get, and that is, where do you live? (weather really effects what you should be driving.)

posted by  Flame Roller

I'm in New Jersey.

I'm hoping the car could fetch around 1.5 - 2g, which should get me around 6,000. What cars did you have in mind for under 5,000? Thanks for all your help.

posted by  NJPitcher

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