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hi i have a 1994 mustang gt 5.0, with a 5 speed tranny. i took my car to the car wash the other day and while there they somehow managed to break the metal hanger that was welded to the tailpipe off.... i had to drive home with it like that, but i got it welded back the next day. Now you can feel a kicking on the floor(almost like there is something hitting it from underneith). while driving it seems much rougher. i have no idea where to begin fixin stuff, and since i have to drive it to school everyday its becoming a real problem. any advice is appreciated. thanks, drew

posted by  stuk121

Take a look at the car and see if everything looks proper. If you can't figure it out take it to a mechanic or dealer or someone else who knows what they're doing.

posted by  95sn95

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