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I have a '91 Toyota Celica ST that I absolutely love (it was my very first new car) and the only thing that is wrong with it is that last winter, the rear window defogger went out on it. The light on the button on the dash still comes on, but nothing happens in the back. A friend of mine suggested that it might be the relay. (I had already looked to see if it was the fuse, but there aren't any fuses for it, although there is one listed in the owner's manual, physically, there is nothing there.) Any suggestions? (I just called a dealership near me and they want to run an electrical test that *starts* at $95 and could go as high as $300-400 before even correcting the problem! When I suggested that it could be the relay and could they start with testing that, he said no, they have to do this whole big "test," even if I *knew* what the problem might be. I told him it sounded like a way for them to make a lot of money to me and he agreed. They won't be getting my business even if ever dealership and/or garage operates the same way....) Thanks!

posted by  sm1957

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