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I went and test drove one at a small privately owned dealership here in Raleigh, NC, yesterday. It was a beautiful car in beautiful condition inside and out. I fell in love w/ it immediately. But when the salesman turned on the engine the "Service Engine Soon" light came on and stayed on. I asked him about it and he just said it could be the oxygen sensor or something has gone out. So we talked a while and let the car run for like 20 mins just sitting there all the while the car sounded ok and didn't overheat or anything nor did a see any leaks. We then tried out the A/C and all which eventually started working. While we were talking though while the car was running I heard sort of a tapping and slidding kinda sound coming from the belts about where the serpentine belt is. The other guy that was out there looking for a car listened to and he said that the belts just probably need a little oil since the car has probably been sitting for a while, of course I didn't believe that. Then I test drove the car and it ran and idled smooth, it got up to 60 in just a few seconds... but when I push the accelerater to speed up the engine sounded loud like maybe a manifold leak or something. Its not loud at all when you are just sitting but when u accelerate it gets kinda loud. To me it didn't sound like an exhaust leak b/c I had a manifold leak w/ my honda that I'm gonna use as a trade for whatever car I end up buying. It was like a loud hmmm... I can't quite explain it. I used to own a maxima but mine was an 89 and I don't remember it sounding like that except for when I had those holes in my exhaust pipe... then it sounded like a damn truck w/ a hemi on it... lol

Anywho, the service engine soon thing and the loudness kinda spooked me into not going for it yesterday. He was selling the car for only $4650 and it had 156,000 miles on it. He says that he's gonna go have it checked out and whatevers wrong w/ it fixed along w/ some new brake pads and show me the receipts for everything so that we can move on to me getting the car. He was gonna give me $2000 for my raggedy Honda (he doesn't know about the head gasket) towards this maxima so afterward it would be $2,650 plus tags and registration and all that jazz. What do yall think? Should I go for it or keep on moving? I just need another cheap car that actually works before this honda finally just dies on me. :ticking:

posted by  lilmisscrystal8

I know you're lying to him about the condition of your Honda "he doesn't know about the head gasket" so I hope he sticks you. Now you know why used car salesmen have a reputation for being dishonest... Because they have to stay ahead of customers like you.

posted by  vwhobo

Damn, I asked about the maxima not my Honda... even if he doesn't take my honda I still would try to get the Maxima if he does what he says, I guess. Answer the question at hand, please, and no thanks for advice not needed or that I didn't ask for.

I had already told him that there was stuff wrong with it, I think he liked the fact that I just got the timing and water pump changed a month ago. He didn't ask what was wrong with it so I didn't tell him since yall know everything about what went down yesterday like yall were out there, too. :fu:

posted by  lilmisscrystal8

You ignorant, self centered, dishonest little bitch. What I know about the situation is what I commented on. If you don't like to be called dishonest then you have basically two choices. Be honest or don't tell us your problems here.

BTW, anyone who uses the :fu: smilie in the context that you did loses 25 IQ points for every use. You have about two uses left before you turn into a house plant.

posted by  vwhobo

Resorting to name calling... and I thought we were all adults here. Obviously I was wrong. :roll:

And I will say it again:

If he didn't ask me what was wrong with the car so how could me not saying anything be me being dishonest? He DIDN'T ask!!! The ad he posted in the paper didn't state that the Service Engine Light comes on on that Maxima when you start the car either but yet it did when I got there when one of the other salesmen turned the car on.

posted by  lilmisscrystal8

How do you know the MIL didn't just illuminate for the first time when he started the car? You don't. You're making an assumption and as we all know when you assume you make an ass out of yourself... but never me. Let me ask you a question. If your boyfriend goes out and f*cks your best friend and doesn't tell you, because you didn't ask, are you're going to tell me he's being honest? Yeah, that's what I thought.

A lie is a lie no matter what you call it when it's convenient to you, even if it's non-disclosure.

posted by  vwhobo

How could you call me dishonest when you weren't there to see and hear what all went down? The bf analogy sucked because like I said I did tell him that there were things wrong with my car. It would be different if I just completely made the car look totally fine but I didn't. He asked me why I didn't want the car anymore I told him b/c there are things wrong with it, he then preceded to talking about how much he was willing to give me for the car. Hell, I even said THINGS wrong with it. Now if my b/f came to me and said, "Damn, I think I'm gonna have sex with your best friend" and then he goes out and does it and I later find out about it. In my opinion he wasn't being dishonest b/c he told me that there's a chance that it was going to happen. I just didn't ask if it really were going to happen or when it was going to happen. I told the guy that there was stuff wrong with the car so he knows that there's stuff wrong with the car and thats that. You are no one to be the judge of me.

You weren't out on the lot with me to see his reaction to me asking him about the Service Engine Light either, now were you? My assumption did not make me look like an ass, you're making yourself look like an ass for going back and forth with a person who obviously don't care what you think or what you have to say about the matter. But alas, I'm done with this bickering back and forth with you, I would prefer to act my age. Thank you for the entertainment though. :thumbs:

Thank you, thats all I asked for. :rock:

posted by  lilmisscrystal8

Thank you for that. Do you think the loudness I heard or the ticking sounds I heard coming from the belt area could have something to do with it or the oxygen sensor he was talking about?

posted by  lilmisscrystal8

Your answer would be valid if and only if... You told the salesman you thought you might have a blown head gasket. Alternately your arguement would be valid if your boyfriend said he liked your best friends new haircut and then boned her. Either way doesn't cut it. You have a know problem, you made a choice not to disclose that problem, therefore you are a liar.

By the way, if you didn't care what I thought about you, you wouldn't have defended yourself previously. So now you've been caught in two lies. Care to go for three?

posted by  vwhobo

As far as the Maxima goes I think it seems kind of high priced for the amount of miles, but that is just my opinion, and at that many miles there is bound to be a ticking or clicking from time to time, but make sure it isn't serious before just jumping into a new car, get a mechanic to check the car out, one you know can be trusted, or a friend that knows a lot about cars. And as far as your fight with VWHOBO goes he is right, odd as it may be to see me say that. Your lack of informing him of all the problems, when telling him some of them, is being dishonest, even more so than not saying anything. It is like you are telling him those few small things so he believes you are telling him everything, which is really the sort of used car salesman thing I hate to see. You should look into joining the business, that or just tell him the whole truth. Anyways, keep us informed, but like I said about the car, I think for that price you might be able to get something a little better.

posted by  Flame Roller

Thanx, tbaxleyjr. The KBB (suggested retail value) on this car w/ 156,700 miles and all the stuff it that it had in it is $6,625. He's selling it for about 2 grand cheaper. One of the other salesmem from the dealership called me yesterday to follow up with me. The guy is going to get it fixed. :drool:

posted by  lilmisscrystal8

i wouldnt take it.. it is high priced for its milage even if the car didnt have any problems, but it does.. so that makes it even worse.

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