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Recently, I was driving about 50-55 mph, had my front driver's side tire blow out, shred to pieces and tear up the tire well along with part of the wiring harness. It blew 6 fuses but the only things that won't work are my power windows and door locks. Took it to a shop and they found a bundle of wires that were seperated....weird thing is, they can not find the other end where the wires connected to. I even looked under the tire well, hood, dash, everywhere and can not find the other end myself. So they suggested I replace the major wiring harness which is about $1200 for the part alone! My question is, does anyone even know what wires would have gone under the tire well? If so, any idea where they would lead to? Or does anyone know where I can get wiring schematics for the car? My mechanic and I are completely perplexed over this and I'm trying to save some money by rewiring it myself.. Any help would be more than appreciated!

posted by  sblude

Interesting problem.

I looked up the wiring harness diagram for the 90 Accord (same as your car) and it looks like the damage was to what is called the "floor harness" that runs in the channel under the doors. Fishing the broken ends of this harness out of its channel could be a challenge.

Were this my car, I would

1. Get the factory shop manual

2. Identify ALL failing electrical components

3. Trace wiring for all failing components using shop manual

4. Locate severed wires

5. Reconnect wires using soldered connections and heat shrink tubing (may require adding length to wires)

6. Water-proof all repairs

This is not a job for the faint of heart or impatient.

Your car is 12 years old. It is a nice car, but this might be a fatal wound.

Consider your options.

posted by  gravistar

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