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My car is a 1990 Sunbird 2.0 turbo 5 speed, nice little car and fun to drive, however it does seem to have a ignition problem. It will stall at a light or mis- fire while starting and won't fire again. It turns over fine but we have found that there is no spark, the strange thing is, it will jump start on a hill, or will start if you leave it overnight.

We took it into a shop to see if there were any codes and there was nothing,of coarse it was running at the time. We replaced the coil, wires, plugs rotor, distributor cap and that made the car run better but did not fix the starting problem.

We talked with the Pontiac repaire folks and they had nothing much to say other than they would be happy to work on it and start replacing parts but this would probably end up being more than the car is worth.

I don't know much about the electrical systems (modules or computers) on newer cars but can change parts and use a volt meter.

Thank you for reading.

posted by  Loghead

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