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92 Ford Aerostar

Here over the last month I have had some odd problems with my van. It will start up but when it does it sounds like it wants to die. The rpms will pick up then go down and it does this for about 5 mins or more unless I am press the gas. When I reverse out it occationaly dies or takes off as if I was pressing the gass then slows down then picks up speed?? When I put it in drive it usualy dies unless I press the gas down right afterwards. Another funny thing is for the first few mins of driving when I stop at a light or sign it wants to move while I am pressing the break, I can feel it trying to take off ( I am not pressing the gas at all btw). I have had these problems every sense I made the mistake of switching batterys while the engine was running, sense I couldnt get a jump.

Any Ideas on what exactly this could be would be helpful. Thanks

posted by  Logain721

You just need to find the sensors you fried and other electrical componets. :thumbs:

posted by  DodgeRida67

Hmm lol ouch I did some damage then I take it. Is this going to get too costly, if so I might as well buy a new Van?

posted by  Logain721

Sorry have been busy the past couple of days.

I am not sure what engine the van has in it. I do know that it was replaced before I bought it. Is there any where I can look on the car to find out what engine it has, its 6 cylender.

As for the EEC IV codes, where do I get these.

My appologies I am not too skilled in vehecle mechanics.

posted by  Logain721

[QUOTE=Logain721]92 Ford Aerostar

:thumbs: ]
It sounds to me like the valve in your transmission that disengages the transmission from the drive is sticking. This can be caused by several problems most of which require transmission disassembly. Just a guess, but I had a similar problem with a Lincoln. The plating on one of the valves scraped off and caused the vale to stick showing same symptoms you describe


posted by  Comanderbob

I think I speak for everyone who has a strong knowledge of automatic transmissions when I say, HUH???

Perhaps the person who repaired your Lincoln transmission was having a two for one special on bullshit that day. Or maybe you just weren't paying attention.

posted by  vwhobo

A two for one special for bullshit. That's brilliant. :hi: :laughing: :orglaugh:

posted by  DodgeRida67

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