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Anyone here know about the 1990- dodge monaco es?
(eagle premiere clone)
I'm having an overheating problem..and keep having to add anti freeze. :banghead:
There is something on the recall list about a heater core valve recall..maybe thats it. Chrysler will fix all recalls for free..It's an odd car..very odd..but kinda unique..
anyway anyone know about this car or has one feel free to reply :O)'its greatly appreciated.
-didi :hi:

posted by  didi_NY

How much coolant and how often is being added?

posted by  DodgeRida67

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posted by  DodgeRida67

usually...the engine gets hot..im thinking i need a thermostat..hopefully thats just it..then agter i run it..and it gets hot..
i let it cool down..but antifreeze shoots out the holder..
i put about 1/2 gallon in it recently but havent been running it.
weather has been rainy and the car wont start...maybe distibutor cap..
it doesnt seem to actually leak out..just..car is getting hot then it steams out and bubbles out.
any ideas?
i will be taking it to chrysler next week. thanks all.

posted by  didi_NY

I meant "after" I run it haha. sorry

posted by  didi_NY

I am cursed by the same car. Put too much money into this car for repairs.. The overheating problem is very frustrating. I have replaced the thermostat, water pump, disconnected the heater core, replaced ALL the hoses, new radiator and new water resivour. Nothing seemed to help. I even put on an aux cooling fan and it still overheats. :banghead:

I think that the block or the heads are aluminum and they may have been cracked and that is where all the water is going. The engine gets very hot thanks to the cast iron exhaust system that retains heat like a mother.

The lure is when the car does work, it is great to drive! But I have cursed it far too many times to have fun anymore. :cussing: Best advice is to dump it and get something else.

More frustrated owners:


Best of luck. :thumbs:

posted by  hyperalloy

hi i just bought one a couple months ago... only 25k origional miles.. and pristine condition, i noticed though i got ripped off in the price :banghead:
:fu: <=== to the dude that sold it to me ...that and it cost me almost 1/4th the cost of the car just for abasic tune up :banghead: but on the plus side i have not noticed those problems, yet... do you think you could possibly copy any owners manuals or repair books you have for the car?

it be greatly appreciated to me, its my 1st car, and i wanna do things right...


posted by  MusicGod

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