How long should a serpentine belt last?

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I have a 2000 Saturn sl2 with 19500 miles. How long do you guys figure the serpentine belt on one of these puppies should last. I don't put much mileage on the first new car I have bought in 20 years but I do drive it everyday. The wife got tired of me working on cars all the time (at about 200K I get another with 1/2 the miles) so she made me buy the extra "they do it" service plan. The last 6 oil changes have come with extra little repairs, and extra $$$! This last time the car came back to me with "fresh oil," a new serpentine belt and the same engine dust as it went in with. Once the guys have the car locked away in a "you can't see it because of Insurance Costs" room I get very financially cooperative. But enough is enough. How long should these belts last? thanks, charless

posted by  charless

Assuming no physical damage or inappropriate chemicals have been introduced to the belt, 4 years or 60 miles is a reasonable average. Don't forget they get old not only from use but also from age.

posted by  vwhobo

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