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Hi guys, I am new to the forum (Check "Introduce yourself") also I am a new driver, just brought my first car (Corolla S 2005 Automatic)

I am posting because I just did something stupid out of panic this morning. I was trying to parallel park on a down hill road and for some freak reason I let go of my brake and the car begin to slide. So out of panic I push the gear to "P" and of course that look very stupid. But what I am concern is that the "P" gear is not design for this situaton (I should have use the head brake {some call it parking brake}) so would that cause any damage to the gear?

Any help is really appeciated


posted by  wkl_lau

but the internet was having issues. In short I doubt your transmission was damaged whatsoever from this incident, however don't make it a regular occurence as damage could occur over time. Make sure you are fully stopped before shifting from drive to park, or reverse, etc, and on a hill always engage the parking brake.

posted by  Flame Roller

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