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Have a Matiz SD '99. Had problems with Sensor. Engine used to turn off when running and Check Light comes on. Sensor change helped. But problem resurfaced. Again Sensor changed. Problems again. Now the engine does not turn off. But pickup is bad and erratic. Runs smooth at times but stalls frequently. I notice different smell from exhaust. Possibly fuel mixture is not ok. Throws out black powdery substance from exhaust especially in the morning when I start the vehicle. Mechanics simply change sensors every time. But it seems to fail again and again. Help.

posted by  RAGHAV

Boy oh boy would it help to know what sensor you speak of.

posted by  DodgeRida67

Sorry Dodge. I meant the MAP Sensor.

posted by  RAGHAV

if it is running erratic is that the spark plugs are not firing properly, you might have a faulty plug or wire, etc. I'd check those too, if replacing that sensor isn't making a difference the problem could lie somewhere else, so try not to just always run back to the same place. Good luck.

posted by  Flame Roller

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