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I just had the engine rebuilted. It ran fine for a day. now the idle will not kick down. any suggestions! 2.8l fuel injection. V6.

posted by  m.cipria1

I don't really know too much about cars in general, let alone those of a slightly older stature. I would however say it could be a tranny problem, and am curious what kind of fast idle it is having? Is it in all gears, at all times, when the engine is cold/hot? A little more information might help us diagnose the problem better. Also as a last resort you can give me your car... as I do like Firebirds. (even with small engines, my 95 only has the 3.4L V6)

posted by  Flame Roller

My '87 blazer S-10 with 2.8L V6 engine had a similar problem. Turns out there was a leak in the intake manifold and the computer was getting too much air. To make up for the air intake it would supply additional gasoline resulting in the high RPM. The shop repaired the leak, and reset the computer preferences. It's not idled this well in the past 6 years.

Check the air intake manifold.

posted by  constructo

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