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I have recently had a problem with this vehicle with overheating issue
It is a 1994 cherokee sport 6 cylinder, 4.0L

After driving for awhile anywhere between 15-22 minutes this beast is overheating like nuts. On the gauge its reading in the neighborhood between
240-260 degrees F.

I live in hot as heck Texas down south so the intense tempatures here do not help much either.

To combat the problem I have already replaced the electric fan, seeing that the last one wasn't working,the thermostat, replaced the water pump and all of the hoses.

Even after replacing these parts its still running hot between 235-240.

What else could possibly be the problem?

I have pretty much stopped driving at and if it is only short distances.

Some help would be much appreciated seeing that I need to get this Jeep running effieciently so I can continue my day to day business without the fear of getting stuck out on the road somewhere.

Any information I haven't provided I will because I know I've left some things out.


posted by  XDuradoX

and I'd have to say you may very well have a problem with the coolant system. Make sure coolant is not leaking through any hoses or anything of that nature and check back with us if that does not help.

posted by  Flame Roller

There are no leaks in any of the hoses because I just replaced them and I checked for splits and slices . Nada.

No leaks though it didnt hurt to double check them.

Still stumped though...

posted by  XDuradoX

From other responses from another forum, It could very well be the head gasket and maybe some mineral deposits clogging up some hoses. Not to sure.

Taking it to a shop today to get it diagnosed and see what the problem could possibly be. If I have to replaced another part or etc.....well so be it

I believe some of us may know I speak truth when I say "you now have a 2 thousand 1 thousand dollar car" :doh:

posted by  XDuradoX

Just to make sure you've also checked the obvious, but have you changed your coolant in the last two years? If not, at least have them check the concentration when you take it to the shop.

posted by  JaneiR36

Very astute observation Einstein. The vehicle is overheating so he "may very well have a problem with the coolant (sic) system". Why didn't I think of that?

How exactly would that affect the cooling system's ability to perform its job? What difference will the "concentration" make? Think hard because I know the answers.

EDIT: I just wanted to add this pic because I brought up the subject... and I think it's so cool. As a matter of fact my hair looks just like his.

Albert Einstein, NYC, 1921


posted by  vwhobo

I can't pass this up. You have an ASS-UGLY head of hair. But, I guess you can be thankful you have HAR. :laughing: Problem could be, where your wife can't keep her little paws out of it. Can you still buy Vitalis?

posted by  lectroid

I am still having problems.

Your replies did little more than re-address my problem So I will now update information that has happened since then.

As I have stated before I have replaced the electric fan. hoses, water pump, and replaced the themostat.

For the record I am now running with tempatures about 230-240 instead of the insane 240 and up to 260 red zones of doom after removing the thermostat completely.

However, isn't this still bad to be running in these tempatures. Even if the thermostat was a faulty one these tempatures still seem a bit high.

Question: I am going to run with the thermostat off but if the tempature jumps back up to the tempatures I was experiencing before, does this clearly indicate that there is building up or something in the way of my radiator to prevent it from working efficiently such as mineral deposits and etc??

posted by  XDuradoX

AND, have tried to backwash the radiator coils? Take a garden hose with a good amount of pressure and spray the coil from the engine compartment out through the grill.

posted by  lectroid

Well finally figured out the problem.

Their was some major blockage of the radiator. It was about 3/4 clogged with mineral deposits and really grungy and corroded........

New Radiator.........200 bucks.......ouch but problem fixed. I hope that all my fixes that I listed in here will be referred to just in case those are the problems instead of what I had to do.

Once again thanks for useful feedback. I will be around for awhile.


posted by  XDuradoX

A drain and flush with that $5 radiator cleaner might have loosened some of the mineral deposits. Don't know about the heavy corrosions, though :ohcrap: Did you keep the old radiator?

posted by  JaneiR36

probably head gasket

posted by  barretire

Slow your posting ass down a bit.

posted by  DodgeRida67

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